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Risco del Paso Spot Guide - Fuerteventura - Sotavento, Canary Islands

The windsurfing and kitesurfing sailing area of Risco del Paso is based just south of the World Cup beach of Sotavento. Less challenging but equally good you can enjoy flat water and rolling swell. It's ideal for beginners and those practising as there's a sheltered, shallow water lagoon during certain times of the day.

Spot at Risco del Paso Playa Sotavento
The huge sandy beach and the windsurfing and kitesurfing saiing area at Risco del Paso Playa Sotavento is excellent. The spot offers a variety of different conditions in the one spot. Directly in front of the centre you can access the windsurfing speed track. Depending on the tide, there is a large, shallow water area ideal for intermediates to practice waterstarts and gybing. The tidal pools offers sheltered conditions at certain times. Upwind there is a wave sailing spot with waves up to 2 meters in the right conditions. It's perfect for those wishing to get into wave sailing just a short distance from the beach and centre. The wave breaks smoothly and a nice sandy bottom with no hazards make it safe.

The kitesurfing zone where lessons take place is separate from the windsurfing area. There is plenty of space for everyone.

Wind and Waves at Risco del Paso

The hills right behind the beach of Risco del Paso Playa Sotavento accelerate the normal wind strength and also alter the direction of the wind. The direction is more northerly to north-westerly than north-easterly, and blows side-offshore to offshore from the left. Particularly in the summer months the wind is quite strong and very reliable, but also in spring and autumn there are very good conditions making a windsurfing or kitesurfing trip worthwhile at this time. The waves to the left hand side of the beach can reach 2 meters. The waves turn to the direction of the beach due to the large sandbank which divides the lagoon, the open sea and the shape of the bay. Therefore there are fantastic waveriding conditions especially for beginners. There are no rocks or stones to disturb your session, only pure sand.

The Center at Risco del Paso Playa Sotavento
The center at Risco del Paso Playa Sotavento is located at the very southern end of the Sotavento lagoon. Here you will find the center equipped with the latest boards from the Fanatic range and North Sails rigs. There is a diversity of freeride, freestyle and wave boards as well as a variety of North sails and rigs. For beginners there are appropriate training boards and kites.


Safety at Risco del Paso
A safety tower at Risco del Paso Playa Sotavento is always occupied by a lifeguard looking over the windsufers during opening hours, and able to act immediately in a case of any emergency. The safety team is ready at all times to attend rescues with the jetski or the zodiac. Nevertheless, we would like to underline that the spot at Risco del Paso Playa Sotavento has offshore winds and therefore every windsurfer and kitesurfer should act with due diligence to prevent dangerous situations. Off shore winds are risky and demand that you should assess your sailing abilities honestly before going out in such conditions.

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Sailing Conditions

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Great Reasons to go to Sotavento, Fuerteventura, Canaries

Best Time:  April - October.
Launch: Huge, wide sandy beach.
Wind Direction: Cross offshore
from left.
Wind Type: Trade winds. Unique
double venturi creates exceptional
cross offshore winds.
Shorebreak: Slight.
Water Conditions: Flat water some
wind chop.
Suitability: All Levels - slalom /speed/freestyle. Beginners in the lagoon.

  • World famous windsurfing and kitesurfing venue.
  • World's biggest centre.
  • Wind Foil, Kite Foil and SUP.
  • 3 windsurf spots offering flat water and swell/small waves.
  • Superb beginners lagoon.
  • Best wind June-Sept.
  • Most popular board size
    85 - 105 L
  • Most popular sail size
    4.8 - 5.2 M.

Weather Information

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