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Travel Insurance

Booking Travel Insurance

When booking a Sportif Holiday you are advised to book your windsurfing, kitesurfing or other activity insurance as soon as you book your holiday. This is mandatory as part of your booking conditions and will ensure you have adequate cover for the following.

   Travel Cover    3rd Party Liability
   Medical Cover    Insure your own equipment
   Cancellation    Insure your rental equipment

There are many insurance companies offering travel cover, with varying conditions, so we recommend you checking the small print carefully before you purchase your insurance, to make sure you have the levels of cover you require. 

Coronavirus Covid-19 Cover - Frequently Asked Questions

It is an essential part of your holiday planning to get adequate insurance cover. Here are some of the questions we have been asked about cover.

Will my travel insurance cover me for Covid-19?
If you purchased your travel insurance before early to mid March 2020 you are likely still to be covered. It will depend on the wording on your policy supplied at the time. It is worth checking the exclusions and calling your insurance company to check your exact cover.

I have rebooked my holiday for a later date, will my  travel insurance cover me for Covid-19?
Most insurance companies are allowing customers Travel Policy to cover a rebooked holiday, at a later date, with the same level of cover. It is worth checking your policy wording and calling your insurance company to get confirmation of this.

I haven't bought a travel insurance policy yet - will I get cover for Covid-19?
Over the recent months, many travel companies have amended their cover and changed their terms and conditions to exclude Covid-19 related claims whilst still offering travel insurance. 

However there are some insurance companies, such as Campbell Irvine, that are offering cover whilst abroad for Covid-19, including cover for sports and activities which may not be included in general travel insurance policies. For more information, click on the logo below or here.


For enquiries call
Opening times 
9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday
9.00am to 5.00pm on Saturday.  

Further information below or here

Am I covered for cancellation due to Coronavirus before and after I travel?

You can check the full details of the policy and what is covered here. Campbell Irvine provide travel insurance for windsurfing, surfing, stand up paddle boarding and general sports.

Are all sports and activities covered in insurance?

Not all travel insurance policies offer the same cover. It is important that your check what activities are covered.
For Windsurfing and general activities see Campbel Irvine here >.
For Kitesurfing Coversee Sports Cover Direct here > 
Other insurers are available. 

Am I covered when booking a holiday destination that is currently on the Government advisory list against all but essential travel?

There is a separate policy you can get a bespoke quote for, with Campbell Irvine. You can check the full details of the policy and what is covered here

What happens if I get Covid or have to isolate before travel?

It is important you check what level of cover you have with your travel insurance company for cancellation before booking your holiday. Sportif offer flexible terms for rebooking if you are not able to travel with many of our hotel partners. Some airlines allow rebooking, sometimes with additonal charges. Your bank or charge card may offer good insurance with cancellation terms. Other companies to check include StaySure, who offer special covid terms.

Does all travel insurance cover sports and activities?

Some travel insurers do not cover all sports and activities such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, surfing, SUP or scuba diving. We recommend you check if you will be insured at the time of booking your policy and take out additional insurance cover if you are not covered. Campbell Irvine and Sports Cover Direct will cover most sports and activities with certain conditions.

My Insurance doesn't cover 3rd Party liabilty. What is this and why do I need it?
When on a Sportif holiday your windsurfing, kitesurfing or other sports services are booked to take place under the supervision of a professional partner centre with safety cover during opening hours. If, however, you were to be involved in an accident with another person whilst on the water, we would advise you have 3rd party liabilty to cover you for any potential claims against you. Not all general travel and insurance policies will cover you for holidays involving sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing. However it is possible to get extension insurance to cover your sports, with companies such as Sports Cover Direct.

Sports Accident Insurance

Sports Cover Direct insurance will provide cover for the whole time that you are on a trip away from home. It will cover you for any general travel issues, plus any issues related to the chosen sport(s). Cover is provided for your chosen sport, plus all other sports in the same sports group or lower groups. Policies can be Single trip or Annual multi-trip. There are 3 levels of cover available to choose from which allow you to select how much cover you require for cancellation, baggage, sports equipment etc. including Kitesurfing, plus all other sports in the same sports group or lower groups INCLUDING 3rd Party Liability Insurance. For more information see here >

 PLEASE NOTEFor travel to Dakhla - this is considered, for insurance purposes, to be in the Country of Western Sahara rather than Morocco. Please ensure you put WESTERN SAHARA as your country when booking your online insurance. If you select Morocco, this will invalidate your insurance.



Do you need to add Activity or Third Party Liability Insurance to your General Travel Insurance?

If you already have general travel insurance in place, but it does not include cover for your chosen sport(s) / activity(s) or equipment, Activity Top Up Insurance will provide that cover. You only need to take out cover for the day(s) that you will be doing the selected activity. This can be taken out after you have left the UK / Ireland. It is important to make sure any travel and holiday insurance you have covers you for your sports and activities and for third party liability insuranceClick Here for a quotation >

 Activity TopUp Insurance

Latest UK Government Travel Advice

The UK Government Foreign travel advice website (FCDO) offers the latest information on advice about travelling abroad, including the latest information on coronavirus, safety and security, entry requirements here. For travelling from outside of the UK, please see the Government advice from the country you are travelling from. For travel from EU
 Countries see here >.


The Sportif Experience

With over 30 years experience Sportif has become the UK's leading specialist windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and dive holiday company. As a fully bonded ATOL license holder you can be reassured that all elements of your holiday are fully secured and your money safe. Sportif are the original windsurfing and kitesurfing tour operator, established in 1982 and now offering over 50 of the best destinations around the world to enjoy your chosen sport.



Sportif holidays are ATOL protected for your financial security

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