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Zanzibar, Africa

Located 25 miles off the East coast of Tanzania, this small Indian Ocean island has become popular for kitesurfers but it is also a fantastic year round resort offering an exotic location for your windsurfing, SUP and surfing holiday. The conditions in Zanzibar can be perfect for beginners and experts alike and as part of Tanzania it offers the chance to combine a beach based holiday with either a safari or trek to the Great Rift Valley and climb Mt Kilimanjaro. Endless white sand beaches, flat water, shallow turquoise lagoons and some great surf breaks await you with a choice of budget, boutique and luxury hotels to suit your budget. 

Sailing Spot and Conditions

A protecting reef, approximately 1km offshore, ensures the tidal lagoon is the perfect playground for beginners but also for experienced kitesurfers who are able to enjoy massive downwind runs. Inside the reef, the water conditions are flat but when the winds are powering through there is a small amount of windchop. The best wind wind conditions for beginners are mid-June to mid-October and end December to mid March. The best months for experts are mid June to mid September and January to February. At Paje beach the wind is always side onshore, from June until October it blows from the south-east and from December it blows from the north-east. The average wind speed is around 16 knots with the kite sizes mostly used beging 12, 10 and 9 meters. The water temperature is always over 24°C degrees so there is no need for wetsuits. From July to September, depending on the open sea conditions, there are good wave sets formed which will encourage experienced kiters to get some air time.

Culture and Activities

A visit to the old city, Stone Town just 45 minutes drive away is a must. It has a mystical aura with grand Moorish architecture that has changed little over 200 years and has UNESCO world heritage status. Wander through the labyrinth of narrow streets and peruse the bustling bazaars and spice stalls. It's alluring mixture of Arabic and African cultures will intoxicate the senses. Locally Paje beach is a surfy vibe with choice of bars and restaurants.  Also enjoy SUP, surfing and diving with options to extend with a stay in World Heritage Stone Town, safari in Tanzania or climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Individual itineraries can be arranged to fit around your beach based holiday. Call for further details.


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Fact File

Sailing Conditions

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Great Reasons to go to Zanzibar, Indian Ocean

Best Time: Beginners mid June -
mid Oct & end Dec - mid March. Experts
from mid June - mid Sept & Jan to Feb.
Launch: Sandy beach shelves into a
shallow, flat water lagoon area.
Wind Direction: Cross/Cross onshore.
Wind Type: Trades year round,
strongest July/ Aug (+F5 at times). April/
May strong winds over short periods.
Shorebreak: Slight shore break.
Water Conditions: Flat water inside
the reef with small windchop during high winds.
Suitability: Beginners to Advanced.

  • White sand beaches.
  • Most popular kite sizes
    12, 10 & 9m.
  • SUP & surf trips.
  • Waves for all levels.
  • Choice of downwinders
  • World heritage Stone Town.
  • World class diving.
  • Safari Extention trips
  • Climb Mt Kilimanjaro.

Weather Information

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