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Cape Verde Islands

For your Cape Verdes windsurfing holiday or kitesurfing holiday, head 450km off the west coast of Africa, Sportif recommend Santa Maria on the island of Sal and Boa Vista. Both islands offer excellent conditions both for flat water and waves with different sailing locations and windsurf and kitesurf centres on the spot. Th Cape Verdes islands are directly in the path of the north east trade winds which makes this destination an ideal winter windsurfing and kitesurfing holiday destination from November through to late April. The Cape Verde archipelago consists of 11 volcanic islands, the flattest of these being Sal with direct flights from UK, with stand up paddle boarding, surfing and scuba diving also on offer

Cabo Verde has now transformed from a previously barren land, into a fast growing watersports paradise. Once only covered in salt flats, vast expanses of white sand form the stark landscape. Only a 20 minute journey from the airport, is the little town of Santa Maria, the main focus for all activities on Sal with windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, stand up paddleboarding (SUP) or scuba diving. Our newest Cape Verdes resort, Boa Vista offers a less developed island with the centre, accommodation, bars, restaurants based walking next to the main town of Sal Rei. On both islands, the local people are friendly, having a very ‘laid back’ Creole attitude to life. The beautiful beaches are blessed with a wide range of sailing conditions, offering anything from flat water to full on waves and all conditions in between.

Boa Vista

Boa Vista in the Cape Verdes is an excellent winter windsurfing and kitesurfing holiday destinations, just over 6 hours from UK. It offers uncrowded sailing, flat water and waves, surfing and SUP from one location with both flat water and waves from idyllic, natural sand beaches. Our centre offers the best location for access to the sailing...

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Sal - Cape Verdes

The Cape Verde Islands are a group of 11 islands, just 450kms off the west coast of Africa. Thanks to their position within the winter trade wind belt, the islands offer some of the very best wind and wave conditions from November until May. Chose from windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUP, surfing scuba diving and yoga. When off the water, there are a...

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