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Learn to Windsurf Holiday

Sportif Travel offer beginner and Learn to Windsurf holiday packages at over 60 of the best worldwide windsurfing locations with specialist windsurf centres and schools and ideal learn to windsurf conditions such as Hurghada and Soma Bay in the Red Sea, Canary Islands, Greek Islands, Dakhla in Morocco, Mauritius in the Indian Ocean or the Caribbean. On a Sportif holiday, you can enjoy learning windsurfing in warm water and great conditions - one of the best ways to progress in this rewarding sport. It's accessible for all ages and we have Sportif clients from 8 to 80 who enjoy the thrill of speeding across the water. 

Step by Step Lessons

Learning has never been easier, with our flexible, step-by-step lessons. In the right conditions, using our light, easy to maneouever boards and sails, you can be up on the water and windsurfing in a few hours. Take lesssons in 1, 2, 4, 6 or 10 hour packages.  A 10 hour Learn to Windsurf course will cover all the basics - equipment, balance, getting going and controlling direction. Our courses include high quality equipment to suit your level, so you will have the chance to practise what you have learnt after each lesson. Once you have mastered the basics, you'll soon be planing in the harness and footstraps.

Flexible Courses
When the course take place up to you - Sportif courses are super flexible. We are not fixed to a timetable, so can schedule lessons to suit you. If you want to fast track your tuition, we can provide as much coaching, when and as you want. We also offer multi sport combi programmes with instruction and rental for windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, SUP and diving - with great discounts.

Ideal Conditions
We have a wide range of beginner friendly locations offering gentle conditions suitable for those early steps. Professional, experienced instructors will go at a pace to suit you with flexible modular programmes from 1 hour taster sessions 4, 6 or hour courses over 2, 3 or 5 days or tailor made, private courses. Lessons are schedule during the day to maximise your learning. So if it's less windy in the morning the lessons will be then.

Professional Sport Centres

Our professional windsurf centres welcome beginners and windsurfers of all abilities. Our centres stock the latest equipment with specialist windsurf boards for beginners to experts, so you can develop your skills on equipment specifically designed for learning and progressing quickly in each discipline - slalom, freestyle or wave sailing. You can learn effectively in small groups or private lessons with theory and on water guidance from qualified and experienced instructors.

Flexible Instruction Programmes

Beginners and Refresher Lessons are available on a daily basis either as part of a group or as a semi private (2 persons to 1 instructor) or private (1 person to 1 instructor) basis. Group lessons offer a fun way to learn with others also taking their first steps and group numbers are usually 6 to 8 persons (although can be less). Some centres offer lessons for children and teenagers with equipment especially designed for them. Private or Semi private will allow you to 'fast track' through the programme allowing you to either progress to intermediate instruction or have free time to practise.

Modular Instruction Programmes with Lesson options in 2, 4, 6 or 10 hours.

Starter Training   2 hour tasters, 6 hour refreshers or Learn to Windsurf 10 hours
Beginner and intermediate windsurfers progress quickly with a 2, 6 or 10 hour course held over 2, 3 or 5 days. Groups are usually around 6-8 persons (often less) with instructors providing individual attention to help you where you need it. Lessons are scheduled at times when the wind is less strong in lessons of usually between 1.5 and 2 hours on the water. Equipment is included in all Starter and Refresher Training lessons.

Progress Training   4 hours
Once you have mastered the basics, you can progress onto the next stage which includes faster tacks, longboard gybes, learning to beach start and sailing with a harness. Lesson are usually booked in

If you wish to practise after the instruction programme equipment is available to rent in 5 or 10 hours blocks at specially discounted rates.

'Unlimited' Instruction Programme

Developed in 1998, the Unlimited instruction concept means we can be as flexible in teaching you windsurfing as you wish. No set programme, progress at the pace to suit you. Unlimited means just that – no limits. An instruction programme tailored to your needs.

UNLIMITED means professional, effective instruction geared to your individual requirements - ensuring rapid progress within a short time. Call us for details of the 'Unlimited' Instruction programme.

In Summary

  • Learn in a relaxed atmosphere
  • You set the pace
  • Personal attention from professional instructors
  • Instruction programme tailored to your needs
  • Specific 'Beginners' and 'Kids' programmes
  • Individual goals catered for
  • Modular Lessons -  manoeuvres are broken down into steps,
  • Small groups
  • Video analysis and GPS help

Next Steps ...

We have many clients who have learnt to windsurf on a Sportif holiday then come back to progress their skills in many disciplines. We have specialist coaching to work in individual moves in slalom, wave sailing, freestyle, jumps, tricks - including full looping (board and all) on one of our Pro Coaching clinics!

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All Sportif holidays are ATOL protected for your financial security 
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The Sportif Experience

With over 30 years experience Sportif has become the UK's leading specialist windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and dive holiday company. As a fully bonded ATOL license holder you can be reassured that all elements of your holiday are fully secured and your money safe. Sportif are the original windsurfing and kitesurfing tour operator, established in 1982 and now offering over 50 of the best destinations around the world to enjoy your chosen sport.



Sportif holidays are ATOL protected for your financial security

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