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Crete - Palekastro, Greece & Mediterranean

Crete is a superb choice for a windsurfing holiday to experience the 'real Greece' offering excellent flat water sailing conditions and offers in 2021. The fourth largest island in the Mediterranean. At over 300km long its' landscapes are diverse with snow covered mountains and huge gorges, flat fertile plains and golden beaches. Crete's ancient history is formidable being home to King Minos, Theseus and the Minotaur, Daedelus and Icarus to name but a few. Palekastro is a small village which has maintained its charm and a much slower pace than western Crete with undeveloped villages and beautiful countryside.

Sailing Spot and Conditions
The windsurfing centre in Crete is in the middle of the 2km long Kouremenos beach and is approximately a 20 minute stroll through the olive groves to Palekastro village. The ‘Meltemi' wind blows right through to September and beyond. It increases its power through the local thermal and the funnelling effect gives an additional 2 Beaufort. The wind blows side shore from the left average wind strength is 4 to 7 beaufort with most used sail sizes of between 4.5 and 5.3. The bay offers perfect flat-water conditions near the shore. It is an ideal location to practise gybes and freestyle moves on the small waves found on the outside.

Culture and Activities
Crete's ancient history is formidable being home to King Minos, Thesus and the Minotaur, Daedelus and Icarus to name but a few. It's array of ruins is outstanding and include the Palace of Knossos in the middle of Crete, (an hour and half from Palekastro), other interesting sites are Zakros, Zou and Gournia which are closer by and well worth the short drive, as well as Vai, the only natural Palm Beach in the whole of Greece. Palekastro itself has a large village by Greek standards with 1,100 inhabitants whose main income is agriculture based olive farming, bee-keeping and fishing. The beauty of Palekastro is the many quiet, unspoilt beaches which have been largely untouched by tourism. Accommodation is spaced out with a range of local style self catering accommodation - mainly studios, villas and apartments with wonderful, natural gardens. There are plenty of local tavernas and restaurants and prices are still very reasonable.


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Fact File

Sailing Conditions

Summer On Shore Summer Off Shore






Great Reasons to go to Palekastro, Crete

Best Time: June - September.
Launch: Sandy beach,
shelving slowly.
Wind Direction: Cross offshore from the left.
Wind Type: Meltemi accelerated
by local thermal.
Shorebreak: None to Slight.
Water Conditions: Flatwater
perfect for slalom and freestyle.
Suitability: All levels.
  • Uncrowded windsurf bay.
  • Reliable wind conditions.
  • Flatwater and wave Spots.
  • Most used sail size:
    4.5 - 5.3.
  • Small, friendly centre with personal service
  • Peaceful and unspoilt.
  • The 'real' Crete.

Weather Information

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