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Sardinia - Porto Pollo, Greece & Mediterranean

Sardinia in the Mediterranean, offers superb flat water windsurfing and kitesurfing on the north east coast, at Porto Pollo. Known for its stunning turquoise, crystal clear water and fine sandy beaches with 7km of open bay sailing suitable for all levels. The main peninsular separates the windsurfing and kitesurfing zones, with superb flat water sailing and some bump and jump further out. There are a range of other activities, including catamaran and dingy sailing, and Kids and Teen camps and clubs from 4 to 19 years with free SUP and kayaking with rental and instruction. 

Sailing Spot and Conditions
Porto Pollo is located on the channel between Corsica and Sardinia with the predominant Poniente wind blowing between 4 to 8 bft during the summer months, between 15 and 30 knots and accelerated locally by the local hilly terrain. The season starts in mid April when the centres open, with air temperatures around 17°C. water temperatures around 16°C. From May onwards the temperaratures gradually increase to the peak summer month of August, where the air temperature can be 30°C and water temperatures around 26°C.  At other times of the year, you can enjoy a variety of wind conditions from the Tramontana, Mistral and Scirocco winds and in Autumn can gust up to 8bft. In the mornings the wind is best for beginners with stronger conditions from mid-day onwards, creating superb flat water areas and some small chop further out, depending on local conditions. The Bay of Porto Pollo is separated by the Isola dei Gabbiani peninsular, creating two sailing zones for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

The sailing area of Porto Pollo is made up of two large bays, separted by a spit with peninsular headland to the north and sandy beaches on either side. The windsurf zone is to the east (right) side of the peninsula, with off shore islands. The sandy beach entrance is directly in front of the windsurf centre,  where you can stand for the first few meters but then shelves off. The same is true in the Kite zone, at the west bay (left) side, 10 minutes’ walk from the windsurf centre, beach bar and restaurant. Both zones have confined swimming areas with no windsurfing or kitesurfing permitted. 

Wind direction is cross to cross-onshore from the left from the western side (kite zone). Here kiters have a huge open space and large beach to launch from, mainly unaffected by tides. The shallow water area is ideal for any level from beginners to experts and, at certain times of year, there is an offshore bump and jump spot, for those looking for more challenging conditions. You can sail in the area with any wind direction with most reliable conditions in the peak of summer, using mainly 8 to 10m kites.

Culture and Activities
Porto Pollo is around 7km, 20 minutes drive from the town of Palau, with a range of locally owned restaurants for all budgets, serving delicious Italian cuisine, bars, shops and supermarkets plus a few nightclubs which are easy to get to by taxi. From Palau port you can catch a ferry to Maddelena island, part of the Achipelago della Maddena National Park. Sardinia is a great choice for families with a range of sports and activities, including dingy and catamaran sailing, kids sailing boats, bike hire, SUP and kayaks on offer. The family friendly sports centre is set on a lovely sandy beach with supervision for children and activities, as well as a great restaurant and sociable atmosphere during the peak summer months.


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Sailing Conditions

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Great Reasons to go to Porto Pollo, Sardinia - Mediterranean.

Best Time:  June-September.
Launch: Sandy beach launch.
Wind Direction: Side/Side on shore from left (west kite bay)
Wind Type: Northern summer Meltemi, accelerated by local 
Venturi wind.
Shorebreak: None to slight.
Water Conditions: Flat water inshore to slight chop and some wave spots offshore. 
Suitability: All levels.
Clinics/Camps: Kids/Teen Windsurf Academy. More >

  • 7km flat water bay area and bump and jump/wave spot.
  • Shallow, turquoise water and sandy beaches.
  • Separate windsurf and kitesurf zones.
  • Over 250 brand new RRD boards, Kites and Neil Pryde equipment each year.
  • SUP board and kayak free with 1 week rental.
  • Sailing, yoga and giant SUP.
  • 15-20 minute drive to Palau town.
  • Family friendly with child supervision.




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