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Sal - Cape Verdes, Cape Verde Islands

The Cape Verde Islands are a group of 11 islands, just 450kms off the west coast of Africa. Thanks to their position within the winter trade wind belt, the islands offer some of the very best wind and wave conditions from November until May. Chose from windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUP, surfing scuba diving and yoga. When off the water, there are a good choice of bars and restaurants. Originally a Portuguese colony, the Cape Verdes are now known as the African Caribbean with miles of beautiful beaches, winter sunshine and friendly locals with a ‘laid back' attitude to life. The Cape Verdes are a good choice for a beach holiday with activity programmes for children.

Sailing Spot and Conditions
The bay of Santa Maria is located on the southern tip of this island and its long, fine-grained sandy beach extends over more than 4km. The cross-offshore or sideshore wind from the left enables effortless upwind sailing to the various sections of the beach.
The sailing areas of Santa Maria are well defined. In front of the centre, the water is a little choppy outside the shorebreak. If the shorebreak becomes too strong, then launching further upwind nearer the village jetty, makes getting away more comfortable. Once past the jetty and the local fishing boat moorings upwind, the conditions get flatter but the new developments have created a wind shadow. But keep sailing upwind and the swells get better along with a cleaner wind, perfect for wave riding. From the center you can sail directly from the flat water section into two fantastic wave spots: Both Ponta Leme upwind and Ponta Sino downwind offer great wave sailing with the best conditions December to April. Closer in the swell is more gentle.

Culture and Activities
The Cape Verdes Islands are barren islands, characterised by desert landscapes and sandy beaches. A former Portuguese colony the island cast a spell over visitors local Cape Verdeans call  "Sodade", which means "yearning". The fun loving locals will make you feel right at home. "You do not need much to be happy". This saying could have originated on these islands. Sal Town has cobbled streets and retains many buildings from it's colonial days. Apart from fishing, which is the locals main source of food and income, music also plays a decisive role in the Cape Verdean life. Other activities popular on the island include scuba diving, surfing and fishing trips. Sal is a popular winter beach holiday destination with beach hotels with local bars and restaurants.

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Fact File

Sailing Conditions

Winter On Shore Winter Off Shore Summer On Shore Summer Off Shore






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Great Reasons to go to Sal, Cape Verdes

Best Time: December - May.
Launch: Sandy beach with some shore break, occasionally moderate.
Wind Direction: Cross shore,
at times cross offshore.
Wind Type: Northeast trades.
Shorebreak: Slight to moderate.
Water Conditions: Slight chop;
up wind flatwater area; on the
eastern edge increasing swells
further out.
Suitability: All levels.
  • Short flight from the UK.
  • Windsurf, Kitesurf, SUP &
    Surfing multisport packages.
  • Beautiful sandy beach.
  • Combination of slalom
    and wave conditions
  • Shuttle available to Ponta Leme wave beach.
  • Most popular board size
    90 - 110 L.
  • Most polular sail size
    5.3 - 6.2 m.

Weather Information

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