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Jeri Brazil Spot Guide - Brazil - Jericoacoara, Brazil & Americas

Sportif guide to the windsurf and kitesurf sailing spots and conditions to Jericoacoara (Jeri) in Brazil.

Jericoacoara is a quaint fishing village located on the north eastern coast of Brazil, in the state of Ceara, 300kms West of Fortaleza. In 1984 Jeri was declared an "Environment Protection Area". It then became more widely known amongst backpackers and more adventurous travelers seeking unknown and unusual locations. In 1994, the "Washington Post Magazine" named Jericoacoara as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Since then, the small fishing village has been slowly growing but with no high rise buildings.


The centre is set right on the beach in front of the launch site, making it a perfect place to check the action on the water. Even if there are 4.2 winds blowing on the water, the center is sheltered from the wind,  therefore a nice place to relax. The centre has many palm trees and cashew trees, keeping the center very green, which creates a relaxed and beautiful environment when not on the water.

Spot Information
Jericoacoara and the main centre is situated on the eastern point of a long carving bay. This means that all sailing takes place inside a bay which then creates a natural safety area. There are three main sailing areas around the Centre, which together makes Jericoacoara a diverse spot offering a range of conditions from flat water to a variety of wave conditions. 

The Point
Just in front of the centre you will find some of the smoothest waves in north of Brazil. This is the main sailing area, where most of our clients choose to surf. On the inside the waves gently turns into flat water, and André Paskowski said it is one of the flattest waters he has sailed. That means that you can jump on the way out, do a tack, surf a wave on the way in and end the ride with a freestyle attempt on the super flat inside. This is a windsurfers, surfers and SUP only area. Kitesurfing is forbidden withing 500m from the shore line.

Sunset Dune
This large sailing area offers the best freeride sailing in the Jericoacoara bay. A spacious, flatwater area which sometimes can contribute with some gentle shorebreaks. This area is most recognised as the often used image we often see of Jeri. This is where everyone heads to at dusk to watch the sunset and a great atmosphere before heading off into town for drinks, dinner and partying the night away. The area in front of the dune is for windsurfers only. Kitesurfers are forbidden within 500m of the shore line.

For the more advance sailor. This side-on beach on the other side of town (upwind of 'The Point') offers the best starboard jumping ramps around. But it is a place for sailors with confident as there is a lot of rocks and a long walk back if something goes wrong. Freestyle champion, Marcilio “Brawzinho” Browne has this beach as one of his favorite jumping beaches. This is out of view of the centre and rescue service, so sailing here is at your own risk.

Waves differ in size depending on tide, swell and time of year.  At high tide, are the biggest waves ranging in size from waist to shoulder to head high. The waves in Jericoacoara and the whole northern coast of Brazil becomes bigger later in the season, with peak size at Christmas. With a soft sandy bottom, these are friendly, gentle waves that are perfect for learning to ride, to practice your jumps, tabletops, forwards, or back loops or whatever you feel like going for.

Kitesurf Zone
The Jeri Kite zone is the only kitesurfing area in front of Jericoacoara village, located just beyond the famous sunset dune. Due to natural shrinking of the dune over recent times, this has created a more consistently windy and smoother sailing area. With the sand that has blown downwind, that has created a natural, flatwater lagoon area. Separate from the windsurf zone, it is forbidden to windsurf within 500m from the coast. Kitesurfers who have prebooked rental or instruction can check in at the main centre next to the windsurf zone and jump on one of the complimentary shuttles which during the day.



Fact File

Sailing Conditions

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Great Reasons to go to Jericoacoara, Brazil

Best Time: August - January.
Launch: Sandy beach with
gently shelving sand.
Wind Direction: Cross to cross off shore from right.
Wind Type: Trades.
Shorebreak: Slight.
Water Conditions: Flatwater
with windchop in strong conditions.
Suitability: Intermediate, slalom, advanced wave & freestyle.
Windsurf Clinics: More >

  • Training ground for World Class windsurfers.
  • Separate kitesurf zone.
  • Away from mass tourism.
  • Great nightlife, food and prices.
  • Unique sunset experience.
  • Kitesurfing, surfing, SUP and Kayaking
  • Twin Centre with Icaraizinho
  • HALF PRICE board hire & accommodation specials in July & September.

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