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El Gouna Kitesurf Spot Guide - El Gouna, Red Sea

Sportif guide to the windsurf and kitesurf sailing locations and spot conditions in El Gouna in the Red Sea.

El Gouna

El Gouna, like the rest of the Red Sea is an all year round destination. This is an excellent destination for windsurfing but is predominently know for learning to kitesurf and experienced kitesurfers alike. You can hire windsurf equipment and take your own windsurf equipment with great flat water conditions. The coast runs north west to south east which combined, with the predominantly northerly winds, provides perfect cross/cross onshore winds. Air temperatures rarely fall below 22°C and reach 35+°C in the summer. Thermal winds usually average force 4-6 (11 to 26+ knots) throughout the year with the best months being April to Nov.

The main kite spots offer large, flat water areas. The two main kitesurfing spots are within 5-10 minutes resort bus ride from Abu Tig Marina.

Mangroovy Beach

The main kitesurfing spot is called Mangroovy Beach at the north end of El Gouna. This is a public beach offering access for residents and non-residents alike and is a huge area extending for over 500m to the off shore reef. There is a choice of kitesurf centres all with their ‘own’ kitezones for teaching. The beach is wide with plenty of space for learning to launch and land kites. The whole area is ideal for beginners which is a protected, shallow flat water area. Mangroovy Beach is sociable atmosphere with all the kitecentres and small bars set up along the beach, where you can watch the action yet offers enough space for everyone. The  1km lagoon is perfect for all levels of kitesurfers. As soon as you reach the offshore reef the depth runs off quickly and there is more wind chop. The launch is from a wide sandy beach with plenty of room to set up your kite and lines. The lagoon offers water never deeper than waist hight, depending on the tides. The shallow water training area extends for around 100m and there is a sandbar just upwind of the centre. There are no major hazards only some coral underfoot therefore we recommend boots/watershoes. More >

Movenpick Hotel Beach

The second kitesurfing spot is located at the luxury Movenpick hotel with direct beach launch and onsite kiteboarding centre. The Kitesurfing zone is often less crowded as only residents of the Movenpick can launch from the private beach. Kitesurfing and swimming zones are separated with markers for safety. Families and non kiting partners can enjoy the comforts of a full facility hotel with spa, pools and kid’s club. The sandy beach offers a shallow, flat water area for 150m from the beach with deeper, choppier water after this. Conditions are flat water with wind chop and some swell depending on conditions further out. The wind is cross/cross-onshore from the left and mainly from the north. Because of the tides it is only possible to surf for a few hours either side of High Tide. It is too shallow to safely kite at low tide. There is a small IKO approved centre offering rescue, storage, instruction and rental for all levels from 12 years and above. All lessons are semi-private with a mazimum of 2 students per instructor and courses can be on non-consecutive days depending on the tidal conditions locally. Boots/water shoes are recommended because of coral underfoot. More >

Tides in El Gouna

Please Note: The kitesurfing zone in El Gouna is tidal, therefore kitesurfing times and areas can be restricted dependent on this and the on-water time can vary throughout the year. Instruction is scheduled either side of high water and the on-water time can vary throughout the year. The depth of the water depends on the phase of the tide (from ankle-high to waist-high). There are two high tides and two low tides in 24 hours. The strength of the tide depends on the phase of the moon and the season. It is possible to foresee quite precisely the time of a low tide and a high tide. Please call us so we can advise which weeks offer the maximum time on the water during your stay.


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Sailing Conditions

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Great Reasons to go to El Gouna, Red Sea

Best Time: April-November.
Launch: Wide sandy beach
with lagoon.
Wind Direction: Cross/cross onshore from the left, mainly
from the north.
Wind Type: Thermal.
Water Conditions: Flat water with wind chop and some swell.
Suitability: All levels.
  • One of the best shallow water, all year round kitesurfing destinations.
  • Captain’s Inn – excellent value
    hotel in Marina central location.
  • Excellent IKO kitesurf centre on
    north Mangroovy Beach.
  • Contained purpose built resort with many restaurants and bars in pedestrian area and purpose
    built marina.
  • Access to first class diving and
    choice of activities for non kiting friends and family.

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