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Martinique, Caribbean

Martinique offers windsurfing and kitesurfing holidays with flat water and bump and jump conditions, as well as a number of on land activities. The southern part of Martinique, where our hotels and centre is based, is where most of the watersports activities can be found, with the great white sand beaches, the marina in Marin and the town Trois-Ilets among many others. In the north, you will discover a more mountainous and green landscape full of pleasant surprises like the Garden of Balata, the mountain Pelée and the ruins of Saint-Pierre.

Sailing Spot and Conditions
The windsurfing is based at the Pointe du Bout on the tip of a semi-island facing the capital, Fort de France on the west of Martinique. The trade winds accelerate over the central plain of Le Lamentin and rush into the bay. The wind is onshore at the launch area and at 90 degrees to the whole sailing area. The launch area has waist high flat water and soft sand under foot. Slightly protected from the wind, it is excellent for entry level and kids. Further out the sailing area is very large and safe with easy freeride conditions. About 400m out is a shallow, waist deep sand bank, perfect for waterstart and gybe training. Kitesurfers and windsurfers enjoy plenty of space with flat water and bump and jump conditions, combined with the long runs. to make this destination a freeriders heaven. Enjoy accelerated trade winds that rush over the centre plain from the north east where they are accelerated as they travel from the Atlantic into the bay of Fort de France.

Culture and Activities
Along with St Martin, Martinique has French sovereignty giving this island a relaxed  sophistication. The mix of Gallic and Creole heritage produce the excellent, local cuisine and one of the finest Rums in the Caribbean, which you can sample on a rum distillery tour. The north of the island is mountainous with Mount Pele at 1,397m giving way to a central plain where pineapple and banana plantations abound. The coastline changes from rugged coves and mangrove inlets to sandy golden bays. In the south, the majority of hotels and resorts are based around the capital, Fort de France; with its narrow winding streets and colourful markets. The whole island is only 65km by 31km so easy to explore by car. In additional to windsurfing and kitesurfing you can enjoy snorkelling, kayaking, hobie cat sailing plus wakeboarding and waterskiing.

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Fact File

Sailing Conditions

Winter On Shore Winter Off Shore Summer On Shore Summer Off Shore






Great Reasons to go to Martinique, Caribbean

Best Time: Nov - Mar & June, July.
Launch: Shallow, sandy, 30m wide.
Wind Direction: Onshore. Wind
blows at 90 degrees to sailing area.
Wind Type: NE Trade.
Shorebreak: None.
Water Conditions: Flat water,
windchop, bump & jumps
Suitability: All levels.
  • Year round warm waters.
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Small & diverse island.
  • Easy to explore by car.
  • Mix of French and Creole culture.
  • Hotel and Centre on the spot.

Weather Information

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