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Sal Kitesurf Centre - Sal - Cape Verdes, Cape Verde Islands

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The Sportif kitesurfing centre in Sal, Cape Verde Islands is situated at Ponta Leme Beach and the magnificent bay of Santa Maria has kitesurfing lessons and instruction for beginner, along with rental of latest Duotone/North and ION kit.

Mid October to end of May.

There are kitesurf centres in Santa Maria. For beginners, the kitesurf centre is located alongside the windsurf centre on the main Santa Maria Beach. The centre is on a wide 4km long sandy beach and has direct access to the kite zone. There is a flat water area which leads directly though swell to 2 fantastic wave spots. Wind is blowing mainly sideoff to sideshore from the left, north easterly direction. The beautiful bay of Santa Maria is ideal for advanced levels but those wanting wave sailing are best to head to the Ponte Leme beach where the second kite centre is, situated on the east coast of the island of Sal and is about 10-15 minutes walk from the main Santa Maria beach center along with surfing rental and instruction. At the Ponta Leme centre we offer windsurfing lessons and rental. The best wave conditions are December - April.

A complimentary shuttle is available for pre-booked guests for rental and instruction. This is required to be prebooked on arrival the day before with the contact numbe on your vouchers.

Accessories available include new ION  wetsuits, life vests and helmets. WiFi is available at the centre.

Kitesurf lessons from beginner up to expert level are available and can be booked in either groups or private lessons at the Santa Maria Centre. For qualified independent kiters, the full range of North kites and boards can be rented. Video analysis is available on request. There is a rescue boat on stand by if needed at Santa Maria beach. SUP (stand up paddle boards) are available to voucher clients at no extra charge on windless days. There is not windsurf rental or lessons available from Santa Maria beach (only beginner lessons) but at the 2nd centre at Ponte Leme. Complimentary shuttles are available between your hotel and the centre/s with times to be confirmed locally at the centre for those who have booked services. There is also a shuttle available to the Kite beach for those who have booked rental equipment. There is no equipment storage available due to limited space at the centre.

Private Storage
Limited space available for those with their own equipment at an additional charge. Kitesurfing rental, instruction and storage is only available at the Ponte Leme beach centre. (This is required to be booked in advance to guarantee availability.)

Sports and Activities
Accompanied trips to local spot Ponta Sino. Excursions to other spots just a few minutes away from the centre can be booked locally for experienced kiters. Windsurfing and surfing can be booked with the windsurf center. There is also SUP and surfing available. Tuition for SUP and surfing are available.

Kit Range

Latest equipment from DUOTONE Kiteboarding:  Approx. 15 Boards, 38 Kites (sizes: 3.5m² - 16m²) and 1 x Kite foil.

Kids & Junior Equipment: Not Available.


KITESURF RENTAL  1 Week from 2 Weeks
Standard Rate (Dec - May) £215 £345
Special Rate (Oct and Nov) £195 £300
Non Consecutive Days - Standard Rate (Dec - May) 4 out of 7 days
10 out of 14 days
Non Consecutive Days - Special Rate
(Oct and Nov)
4 out of 7 days
10 out of 14 days
SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) 5 hrs -  £49 10 hours - £80
Please Note: You may be required to pay a damage waiver fee, locally at the centre, or leave a credit card deposit against potential damage, before rental equipment can be taken.

Sportif recommend you take insurance to cover third party liability, as well as medical and general travel insurance, which is required as part of our terms and conditions of booking. However, your insurance may not provide cover for damage to equipment that is rented, so worth checking in advance of travel.

 Discounts Available:
       Double Usage:                             2nd person receives 80% discount on rental rate
                                                           (ie only pays +20% on standard rental rate).
       Combination of 2 Sports:                 70% discount on rental on 2nd sport equipment
                                                            (ie pay only +30% on standard rental rate).
       Rental & Instruction of 2 Sports:      10% discount on standard rental rate.
                                                            (rental kitesurfing & windsurfing, instruction - kitesurfing,
                                                             windsurfing, surfing, catamaran sailing).
       Board Only, Rig or Kite Only:           30% discount with storage included*.
                                                             Pay only 70% of complete standard rental rate.
                                                             (*At centres offering storage - the storage for 1 board, 1
                                                             kite, or 1 rig included in the price, subject to availability.)
        Family Specials:                            Windsurf Rental 1 adult + 1 child using same board
                                                             - child up to 16 years is Free of Charge
        Kids & Youngsters:                         50% discount on rental rates 
                                                             (Valid for kids & youngsters up to 16 years.)


Kitesufing Tuition: Instruction: All levels. Private, semi-private, Beginner, Advanced.

Joker voucher (available May, Oct & Nov) 
This special package combines instruction and rental for windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing allowing you to master all three sports in one week. Call for further details. (Please note that to participate in the kitesurf rental you will need to achieve IKO Level 3). 

Instruction: 3 step system, all levels, tricks, private. Combi rental and instruction packages. Kite lesson locations including Santa Maria beach and the Kite beach, are decided on the day depending on the local conditions and ability of the student and are usually 1-3 hours duration. Shuttle transfer for lessons to the Kite beach are included in the price of the lesson.

Group lessons are maximum 4 persons. Private lessons or Semi Private lessons (maximum 2 students) are available. If there is only 1 person in a group the time will be reduced but you will receive one to one instruction for the same rate! The content on the lesson can be requested in advance so that those of similar ability and similar goals will be grouped together.

Starter & Refresher Training incl. equipment - - £180 £275
Semi Private Training (Max 2 persons)  - £170 £240 £365
Private Training - all levels 2 hours
6 hours

Supervision can be booked locally for those wanting additional support when renting Kitesurf equipment, such as guiding or rescue service.






Surf Training
Beginners - Intermediate - Advanced





Surf Board Storage

1 wk £19

2 wks £29

All lessons INCLUDE equipment. 


Fact File

Sailing Conditions

Winter On Shore Winter Off Shore Summer On Shore Summer Off Shore






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Great Reasons to go to Sal, Cape Verdes

Best Time: December - May.
Launch: Sandy beach with some shore break, occasionally moderate.
Wind Direction: Cross shore,
at times cross offshore.
Wind Type: Northeast trades.
Shorebreak: Slight to moderate.
Water Conditions: Slight chop;
up wind flatwater area; on the
eastern edge increasing swells
further out.
Suitability: All levels.
  • Short flight from the UK.
  • Windsurf, Kitesurf, SUP &
    Surfing multisport packages.
  • Beautiful sandy beach.
  • Combination of slalom
    and wave conditions
  • Shuttle available to Ponta Leme wave beach.
  • Most popular board size
    90 - 110 L.
  • Most polular sail size
    5.3 - 6.2 m.

Weather Information

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