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Mauritius Le Morne Spot Guide - Mauritius - Le Morne, Indian Ocean & SE Asia

See our guide to the windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and SUP sailing spots and conditions at Le Morne, Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.

Le Morne - Mauritius
This corner of Mauritius has superb conditions with warm water and reliable, consistent winds, flatwater lagoons and waves. It is the accessibility for every conceivable discipline in one spot that makes it unique. The predominant wind is the southeast Trade, strongest from May to November and blowing for over 300 days a year above Force 4. At Le Morne the direction is cross, cross onshore in the more expert areas and almost onshore in the beginners and training areas. Directly in front of the launch is a glorious flatwater lagoon, extending out for about 800m to the reef break.There are also surfing and SUP available with excursions available from the centre.

Sailing Spot & Conditions

Within the lagoon, the water is flat to choppy and thus suitable for all course levels - from beginners to advanced windsurfers. Unless the tide is very high, the lagoon offers a perfect shallow area with the best possible tuition conditions. Exceptionally, on days with a lot of swell, waves may also build up in the lagoon and the current become strong, making it unsuitable for beginners or intermediates who cannot yet do a water start. There may also be days on which the water in the lagoon is so shallow that windsurfing is temporarily impossible. Mauritius enjoys the reputation of being one of the best wave spots in the world with a wide range of conditions - from little waves at the inner reef, ideal for jumping, to large waves at the outer reef, "Manawa", which is an absolutely perfect spot for riding down waves. The wind usually blows at a rate of 15 to 25 knots and mostly does so all day long; on some mornings, it may be somewhat gentler, but always blows sideshore from the left, making launching very easy.

The spot is extremely well suited to beginners, as long as the swell is not too high, when the current and waves inside the lagoon grow stronger (occasionally in September to November). As the tides vary strongly and it is easier for beginners to make their first windsurfing or kitesurfing attempts at low tide, instruction is arranged to suit the local conditions which will be confirmed locally. Beginners' lessons are held in the morning, whenever possible, as the wind tends to be lighter then.

The Spot
The Le Morne spot caters to all skills levels, from beach start to freestyle to loops and wave riding. Courses have to be held at low or high tide, depending on the conditions and learning goal with a flat, shallow water right in front of the windsurf centre make the spot ideal for teaching water starts, planing techniques and more or less all manoeuvres (especially gybing). The small reef is perfect for teaching wave riding and/or jumping. The spot can be highly recommended for all advanced windsurfers, above all freestylers and waveriders.

For kitesurfers the lagoon under the famous Le Morne Brabant, just a short 10 minute walk along the beach gives sheltered conditions for beginners. 

Surf/Wave Spots

1. Inside the lagoon
This wave breaks very nicely in a big swell, especially during high tide, but isn't dangerous, as inside the lagoon, waves and currents are rather harmless. It is suitable for beginners, but there are some corals underground and the spot works only in bigger swells. A rescue service is available from the beach with boat at the ready.

2. The small reef

Another wave breaking on a mix of stones and corals but not really hardcore in small swells. It is a right (breaks from right to left when looking from the beach) that works best with north winds, off-shore winds or no wind during middle to high tide. This small reef is about 400 meters from the beach, which implies either a strong paddling to go there and come back, or rather the use of one of the boats at our disposal, especially for beginners and classes overall. 

3. 'One Eye' …. The world famous one
One Eye is a really fast and tuby left, reserved exclusively to experts. It breaks on a really shallow, coral reef with a lot of sea urchins  and sometimes serious current. Works best at high tide and with light off shore south-east to northeast winds. One Eye is a symbol on the island, a wave respected by all hot local surfers, so if you want to surf there, you'de better be both good and tough at the peak. Great place for our guests to take pictures of the pros facing the walls of water of One eye! We don´t offer Rental to One-Eye. It is strictly for experts only.


Fact File

Sailing Conditions

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Great Reasons to go to Le Morne, Mauritius, Indian Ocean

Best Time:  May - December.
Launch: Large sandy beach
shelves gently into shallow water.
Wind Direction: Cross/cross onshore from left.
Wind Type: Trade. 3-5 Bft (Nov - Mar), 4-5 Bft  (April - Oct).
Shorebreak: Minimal.
Water Conditions: Flat water
inshore. Early waves on inner reefs, challenging outside.
Suitability: All levels.
Windsurf Clinics: Sept & Nov. Peter Hart and Jem Hall.
  • World class kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing & SUP
  • Great for families, couples
    and groups.
  • Good wind 300 days a year.
  • Most popular board size
    75 - 110 L.
  • Most popular sail size
    4.2 - 5.0 M.
  • Early booking essential for July & August holidays.
  • Windsurfing & Kitesurfing Instruction Pro Coaching clinics >.

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