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Windsurf Centre Clube Kauli Seadi, Gostoso - Brazil - Gostoso, Brazil & Americas

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The Kauli Seadi Gostoso windsurfing centre in Brazil is set on Cardeiro beach just outside the village of Sao Miguel Do Gostoso. The centre offers a range of international boards and hot sails. The centre is a great base offering different sailing areas suiting all levels.


The Clube Kauli Seadi is set on Cardeiro beach just outside the village of Sao Miguel Do Gostoso. The centre offers a great base to enjoy the different sailing areas for all levels - particularly wave sailors. The area has consistent trade winds that blow pretty steadily from August - March. At the start of the season the wind is offshore and changes direction from October - March to a side shore wind. The wind is strongest from August - November (usually around 20-30 knots), whereas from December to March, the wind speed average is 15 to 25 knots. The centre is located at the base of the lagoon with flat waters providing safe and easy learning conditions.


The centre offers equipment for rental and also a storage facility, which allows you to store your own equipment by the beach. On the second floor you can find a bar and restaurant, where you can relax while watching windsurfers in action, or you can also choose to spend your time off of water playing tennis at the beach, right in front of the centre. 


The centre offers top equipment such as sails from the brand Hot Sails Maui and boards from the Italian brand 99 international. Classes for beginners are offered and include a theoretical part where you will learn about the sport, the winds and equipment and the practical classes will lead you to gain some experience. Classes are also offered to those in an intermediate or advanced level to allow these to perfect their technique further. SUP is also available.

Kit Range

Latest windsurf equipment from Fanatic & Hot Sails: approx. 214 boards and 50 rigs. Kauli Seadi centre have 73 (2018) windsurfing boards from 99 International (wave, freestyle, free ride and school), 50 Hot Sails windsurf sails (3, 4 and 5 battens models) with carbon masts, AL360, Chinook and Neilpryde X9 carbon booms, plus inflatable stand up paddle boards. SUP/Surf: 9'0", 9;8", 11'2", 12". 
Kids & Junior Equipment: Funster 180, 205. RRD 145.



 1 Week

2 Weeks 

Windsurf Board+Sail



Board or Rig



Equipment Storage




1hr: £10

Please Note: You may be required to pay a damage waiver fee, locally at the centre, or leave a credit card deposit against potential damage, before rental equipment can be taken. 

Sportif recommend you take insurance to cover third party liability, as well as medical and general travel insurance, which is required as part of our terms and conditions of booking. However, your insurance may not provide cover for damage to equipment that is rented, so worth checking in advance of travel.





Windsurf Classes





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Sailing Conditions

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Great Reasons to go to Gostoso, Brazil

Best Time: September-March.
Launch: Sandy beach and outer reef providing shelter.
Wind Direction: Side shore wind from the right.
Wind Type: Trade winds.
Shorebreak: Slight.
Water Conditions: Shallow flatwater bay with some swell and waves.
Suitability: Intermediate and advanced.
  • Choice of 4 beaches right next to the centre.
  • Good for freestyle, freeride and waves plus surfing and SUP.
  • Nov - Dec sometimes long wave riding conditions if north swell is present.
  • Laid back, choice of restaurants and easy to get around with cheap moto-taxis.

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